About Us ¡¡
Suneli is a distributor of high quality plumbing products. Their manufacturing affiliation, with over 1,000,000 sq. feet of space, export to the U.S and across the globe.

Our Mission

To consistently supply you with top quality product and service by dedicating to excellence in product design, manufacturing, quality control, competitive pricing and reliable service.

Our Competitive Edge
- Manufacturer-direct pricing
- All inventory in stock in the U.S. and available for immediate delivery.
- Groundbreaking design setting the trend while keeping the comfort

Our Product
Suneli understands that it¡¯s not just about the trend but also about the comfort. Suneli¡¯s commitment to quality and comfort is built into its design and manufacturing process.

This commitment starts with an award-winning in-house design team and is completed with rigorous quality control inspection working in cutting edge testing labs. Only the products meeting the highest of standards enter the market place. All products are build to code complying with UPC, ISO 9001 and NSK code as applicable.

Our Service
We are committed to providing you with innovative, top quality products and will support you with a great, reliable, efficient and available service team.

Our Collection
We hold an extensive collection consisting of kitchen sinks, vessels, bath furniture, vitreous china and faucets.

We invite you to make Suneli your Way of Life.